A night in the village of Valanidorrachi

Place: Valanidorrachi, Fanari Municipality (distance from Preveza: 41 km)
Time of the year: in the first ten days of August
Info: 6939193946 Dassi Katerina


The Cultural Association of Valanidorrachi and Tsouknida envisioned and realized the project 'A Taste of Local Traditional Greek Cuisine', a one-hour event for the promotion of the local cuisine and traditions.

The event takes place in the first ten days of August in the courtyard of the primary school of Valanidorrachi.

The purpose of the event is to make known the local agricultural products (beans and corn) and promote the local cuisine and the locally produced products. Visitors have the opportunity to taste dishes prepared with fresh ingredients in the old-fashioned way which modern women are using less and less. The local women prepare the traditional bean soup and other bean-based dishes (pork with beans, salad with dry or fresh black-eyed beans, etc). They also bake pies, such as the broustouma (with cheese mush), cheese pie, zucchini pie, milk pie with dairy products from the animals of the area, and hand-kneaded bread baked in the traditional home ovens of the village. Local bands and dance groups of other associations together with the local folk band also participate in this event.

Many residents of the municipalities of Fanari and Parga and also Greek and foreign tourists spending their holiday in the area, up to 1,500 visitors, attend this event.