DIOGENEIA in Nea Sinopi

Place: Nea Sinopi, Zalongo Municipality (distance from Preveza: 20 km)
Time of the year: on the third Friday and Saturday of July
Info: 6947817347 Sarigiannidou Roula


This two-day music and dance event is organised under the artistic supervision of the Diogenis Cultural Association.

The event was started in 1990 at the Diogenis Association's initiative. It is held in the courtyard of the primary school of Nea Sinopi on the third Friday and Saturday of July. The Pontian presence in the village is very strong as it was founded by expatriated refugees from Pontus.

The first night is devoted to a different part of Greece each time with dance groups from the respective region while local dance groups also dance to the rhythm of the honoured region. The second night is devoted to Pontus whereby the sorrowful Pontian songs awaken nostalgia in the elders for their lost homelands, and at the same time the young become aware of their origin as refugees. Traditional dishes from Pontus are usually on offer. These are prepared with great care by the women of the village and include traditional fried pastries, mouhoulia (small brioches with raisins) and mince pie.

More than 800 people from the villages of the Zalongo Municipality and of the wider area, Pontians or not, take part in these events as the Diogeneia has turned into an established event.