Folk Dance Festival

Place: Preveza
Time of the year: second weekend of July
Info: 2682 0 60651


The festival of folk dances takes place every year during the second weekend of July, opening on the second Thursday of July and lasting until Sunday.

Apart from the local dance groups, other groups from the wider area participate (Ioannina, Lefkada), a dance group from Northern Greece, and in the last few years two dance groups from foreign countries.

The folk dance festival started in 2001. An initiative of the PREVEZA dance group, it was welcomed and funded by the Preveza Prefectural Administration and has become established ever since. The first was a two-day festival in 2001 in Preveza and Kanali with the participation of eleven dance groups. In 2002, the folk dance festival shows continued for three days at Preveza, Kamarina and Loutsa. In the two following years, three-day shows were given in the municipalities of Preveza, Zalongo, Fanari or Louros. The year 2005 was a milestone since the festival adopted for the first time an international character, introducing two groups from Serbia and Cuba. In 2006 it became a four-day festival and hosted groups from Serbia and Cyprus. In the last couple of years the schedule has been set as follows: Thursday at Oropos, Friday at the Louros amphitheatre, Saturday at Parga beach and on Sunday the closing of the festival at the garden theatre of Preveza.