Tsipouro Festival in Kryopigi

Place: Kryopigi, Zalongo Municipality (distance from Preveza: 32 km)
Time of the year: first Saturday of November
Info: 26820 51512


The Tsipouro Festival takes place in early November in Kryopigi in the Municipality of Zalongo. The festival started in 2005 as an initiative of the local people and the Cultural Association of Kryopigi and carries on today.

In the beginning of November, all the wine-producers make wine and tsipouro (a strong distilled spirit) from grapes harvested in September. The selection of Kryopigi as a place for the Tsipouro Festival was not a coincidence: the area has a tradition in producing this spirit. Under a shelter set up in the village square especially for the festival, the producers make the beverage in a cauldron. The visitor may observe the whole procedure of the wine must process, learn from the producers about how the cauldron functions and taste the local product for free. The visitor can also enjoy grilled meat on offer. A local band plays both folk and popular Greek music throughout the whole event offering the opportunity to listen to live music and dance.