Traditional Wedding in Agia / Parga

Place: Agia, Parga Municipality (distance from Preveza: 69 km)
Date: 27 July
Info: 2684 3 60200


The Agia Wedding is a re-enactment of a traditional wedding with its local customs (such as the traditional casserole etc.), in traditional costumes.

It takes place in Agia on the last day of the celebration dedicated to Agia Paraskevi (27 July). The enactment starts in the afternoon with the groom, the bride and the relatives dressed in traditional costumes. All the old customs come to life again. The groom goes to the bride's home and together they head for the church singing, accompanied by a band playing traditional songs. The day ends in a big feast with the participation of a live folk band and traditional wedding dishes prepared by the women of the region.