The pathology and maintenance of the monument

In the period of about fifty years since the inauguration (1961), the monument has suffered significant damage, mostly because of lightning, ice, rain water and oxidation of the steel bearing structure.

A number of parts of the stone lining on both the bodies and the heads of the figures have detached, crevasses have appeared on stones while the arms of the figures and other parts of the reinforcement in the reinforced concrete have oxidized.

In order to handle these problems, specialized scientists in cooperation with the “Georgios Zongolopoulos Foundation” ( and the Municipality of Zalongo have conducted research into maintenance and restoration of the monument. This project aims to retain the authenticity of the structure by making distinctive and reversible interventions to it by using raw material, and of course, the latest in lightning protection.

Photographs and documents
Following the completion of the maintenance and restoration work on the monuments, the visitors who cannot access the top of the cliff will be able to see, through photographs and documents, all the construction and maintenance phases in the permanent exhibition to be organized for this purpose by the Kamarina Folk Museum in cooperation with the “Georgios Zongolopoulos Foundation” in a specially created room.