Pargina - Kanareia

Every year on 15 August, cultural events are held in the Municipality of Parga, known as Pargina, or Kanareia. These festivities are both religious and historic in nature.

The night before the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, people travel by boat to the Isle of the Panagia, which lies opposite of the town of Parga. The next night, on 15 August, a crowd of people gather in the port to attend the Varkarolla event, which portrays the return of the Pargans and the Holy Relics to the town.

In 1817 the British, who controlled Parga at the time, sold it to Ali Pasha of Ioannina. Almost one century later, after the liberation of Epirus, the Pargans returned to now free Parga, and this is the event represented by the Varkarolla event.

Two rows of boats from the castle and Pavloukes, spectacularly decorated with Venetian lanterns, sail towards the port, where they are greeted with fireworks.