Beaches Of Parga

There are many different beaches and bays in the Municipality of Parga. In the past they were used as ports and anchorage areas for ships, and they helped the town become the commercial centre it once was. Today, they have considerably contributed to the development of the town and surrounding area as a tourist destination.

In the town of Parga itself is the beach of Kryoneri - a beautiful, picturesque beach which faces the Isle of the Panagia. In the centre, opposite the beach, lies a small, tall rocky islet which the locals call “Skorda”. Right next to this, to the east, is Piso Kryoneri, a small beach also within the town boundaries, which is surrounded by tall rocks. To the west of Parga stretches the most famous beach in the region – Valtos.

This is a large beach, which has been specifically developed for tourism. It has a view of the back of the castle and the houses near Parga known as Tourkopazaro. To the east, three kilometres outside the town, is the beach of Lihnos, which has two small sea caves. Approximately six kilometres to the east of Parga, next to the village of Agia Kyriaki, is Agios Giannakis. Finally, six kilometres to the west of Parga, near the village of Agia, is Sarakiniko beach. All the above beaches can be accessed by road. There are also a number of beaches which can be accessed from the sea, including Agios Sostis, Spartila, and Pogonia.